Project Management

Over the last 16 years we've had opportunities to work on Commercial and Private Projects ranging in scale from small single floor offices to large multi-level buildings and multi-level architectural facades. Whether your project is in budgeting, build-out or open operations, if you're seeking Project Management to implement Art and Design projects, we can help. Our team has experience in all ends of Commercial Art and Design projects; new construction and remodel. From line items and installation rendering to commissioning contracts, engineering dynamics, relocation and installation, we’re ready to manage the task. We have an available network of architecture firms, contracting managers, purchasing companies, fabricators, manufacturers, art’s historians and researchers and designers to facilitate the unimaginable. We have extensive experience representing major studios, corporations and municipalities to manage projects from the reasonable to the obscene.


Public Art Project Management Services


  • Budget Management

  • Close Out Reports

  • Communication Management

  • Contract Review and Negotiation

  • Contractor Bids

  • Contractor Management

  • Cost-Share Negotiation and Contracting

  • Fabrication Contracting and Management

  • Design and Installation Planning

  • Maintenance Planning

  • Material Acquisition and Management

  • Project Status Reports

  • Project Imaging/Video and Image/Video License Contracting

  • Project Time-lapse Management

  • Safety Planning and Management

  • Scheduling

  • Shipping Management

  • Site Planning

  • Site Management

Creative Team Services


  • Art and Design Team Building

  • Artist and Designer Sourcing

  • Community Stakeholder Sourcing

  • Creative Team Management