Collection Management

Do you need help managing your ever growing collection? Kasum Contemporary Fine Art can provide advanced tools, technology, and processes that make it easy for you to manage your collection.

Kasum Contemporary Fine Art offers inventory management and database systems services and training that provide complete tracking and labeling as property enters and leaves your facilities. No matter the complexity or collection size, our full service inventory systems keep your collection up-to-date and secure.

Inventory Management
Collection Relocation

Moving a collection can be a challenging prospect.  Kasum Contemporary Fine Art has developed specific expertise and understanding of the unique nature of moving collections of all types.   We will collaborate with you on the planning, coordination and implementation of any move, large or small. Learn More.

Exhibition Logistics

Our team of highly experienced exhibition coordinators routinely manage the complex logistics required to consolidate and disperse traveling exhibitions.  We simplify the process of bringing art to and from multiple venues, short-term storage, installation and the eventual return of artwork to the lenders for your traveling exhibitions; personal or public. Learn More.

Photography and Digital Archives

Kasum Contemporary Fine Art provides professional, high-quality photography of artwork for inventory, catalog, sale or documentation purposes.  In coordination with all the other services that we provide we also offer on-site and field photography options. Learn More.

Framing & Presentation Consultation

We consult in the fine art of presentation, arrangement, final layout and the installation of art work on small or for large projects with individuals, designers and architects. We work on museum shows, trade shows, commercial and residential spaces and have a network of framers and presentation houses that can see any task done from custom acrylic vitrine enclosures and pedestal placements to frame selection and installation. As trained professionals we facilitate a highly developed understanding of composition within the protocol of academia, while remaining very responsive and flexible to the plan and purpose of our client’s vision.

Art Installation

Our teams of highly experienced art handlers provide professional art installation services to museums, galleries, private, and commercial clients. Our teams have exceptional technical experience and are routinely called upon to manage a diverse range of installation projects. Kasum Contemporary has the expertise to provide safe and efficient solutions to any rigging challenges. Our staff has the skills and experience to safely move multi-part sculptures, over-sized paintings, and many other types of artwork to a wide variety of sites; both indoor and outdoor. Learn More.

Art Lighting Consultation

Kasum Contemporary Fine Art consultants travel nationwide to offer art lighting advisory and design services to private and professional art collectors. Our client art lighting list includes both private collectors and commercial organizations in a variety of high-end markets and eclectic industries. Often collections contain more than one type of art and require complex lighting designs, or a combination of sophisticated recessed lighting fixtures, to properly illuminate. This is where an art consultant steps in to advise and recommend artwork lighting options. In most cases, clients call us because they are having difficulty on one or more of three major problem areas: glare, spill light, and shadows. All three of these areas have both technical and design-related origins and most of the time require a trained art consulting professional to determine the best solution to developing a more balanced and refined presentation.

Minimizing and Redirecting Glare

Correcting the “angle of incidence.” This is a lighting term that describes the angle at which light strikes the surface of an object. In modern art lighting, angle of incidence is very important in minimizing glare. It is impossible to eliminate glare entirely, but it is possible to direct it away from the eye of the viewer so it remains undetected. Kasum’s art consultants are trained in these object and image lighting techniques, having worked with interior designers and museum decorators extensively over the past 12 years. By changing where the light strikes the artwork, art consulting teams also change where the reflection of that light travels; the goal being to prevent it from striking another large object, a nearby wall, or the eye of a viewer looking at the piece.

Eliminating Spill Light

Spill light is never desirable. It looks sloppy, and it detracts the eye away from the work of art being viewed. Spill light is usually caused by light that is too intense. Retail grade art lights are notorious for this and often have to be replaced with commercial grade fixtures that allow for finer tuning and adjustment. The rule of thumb that art consultants follow in getting rid of spill light is to utilize lighting equipment that can be dimmed or brightened at will. They also prefer to use fixtures that allow the light beam to be shaped and focused to match the frame, canvas, or three dimensional objects on display. When a beam strikes a piece properly, it suddenly becomes visible in the form of an aura of light that appears to emanate from within the art itself. We have many techniques we use to address split light.


There are different types of shadows in the world of high end art lighting. Most are undesirable and have to be eliminated in order for proper showcasing of art. Frame shadows are the worst. When light from an inappropriately chosen or positioned fixture strikes the frame, the frame blocks the light and casts a shadow over the picture. Art consultants will either have to move the fixture to a different lighting angle of incidence, or replace the fixture with a more controlled and adjustable lighting source.


When it comes to three dimensional art, fine art consultants are less absolutist in their insistence on eliminating shadows all together. Statuary and modern art feature contours and angles that are often “flattened” by too much light. Art consultants look for ways to integrate some shadow into a comfortable level of illumination that is appropriate to each piece. This helps create a more lifelike, realistic presentation of statuary, and it contributes as well to the avante guard nature of abstract pieces.

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