Career Planning and Management

The studio and the art world -
                              - are vastly different realms...

Imagine being able to focus solely on your creative process. Imagine not having to break that focus. Imagine how simple building a career as an artist could be if there were a team of people to support the marketing of your creative efforts. Seem like a pipedream?


Regardless of whether you’re a self-taught outsider or a MFA wielding graduate, if you’ve been building your art career for any time at all, you know that making art is only half the battle. An astonishing number of successful visual artists have full-time managers, agents or consultants who represent them and handle their art business affairs.


These artists tend to be well branded, generate substantial demand for their work, have multiple galleries marketing their art and have neither the time, nor the inclination, to negotiate complex agreements or manage the day-to-day details of their careers.


We work one-on-one, with the artists we represent, to develop a successful plan to help them achieve their creative ambitions and reach their global marketplace. Our associates are capable of managing all aspects, of an artist’s business, that take place outside of the creative process itself. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Here is a short list of what we can do for you:
  • Create and execute a marketing plan to achieve short and long term goals.

  • Build artist’s credentials by obtaining exhibitions, gallery representation, grants, fellowships and residencies.

  • Design and build all print, digital and web based promotional materials.

  • Generate traditional and non-traditional sources of income as an artist.

  • Finding and coordinating art support services.

  • Select and apply to both public and private RFQ/RFP calls.

  • Select and apply to artist competitions.

  • Review or assist with the creation of an artist's website.

  • Solicit and organize press/media opportunities.

  • Circulate press releases and communications.

  • Manage/negotiate representation and commission contracting processes.

  • Manage existing client and new inquiry communications.

  • Manage social media platforms.

  • Manage artwork cataloging and photographic archiving.

  • Conduct market research.

  • Manage artwork packing and relocation logistics.

  • Obtain and manage licensing agreements.

  • Exhibit artist's works at Art Fairs.

Kasum Contemporary Fine Art, Inc. Oklahoma City, OK, United States


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